Why couples love Playa Blanca

There is no doubt why couples love Playa Blanca. Time and time again Playa Blanca welcomes couples of all ages, many returning several years in a row. As Playa Blanca’s lovely climate and peaceful atmosphere make for a perfect romantic getaway, couples love Playa Blanca.  Boasting some of the most incredible beaches Lanzarote has to offer – Playa Blanca has several sandy shores to choose from. Popular among couples, in particular, are the spectacular Papagayo beaches – five wonderful strands divided by volcanic rock. The Papagayo beaches are secluded and undisturbed conducive to an intimate and peaceful beach day for couples young and old.

As the most upmarket resort town on the island, Playa Blanca still maintains an authentic feel – an ode to its former position as an idyllic fishing village. This tranquil atmosphere contributes to Playa Blanca’s popularity among visitors and that’s why couples love Playa Blanca.  

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The close proximity of Playa Blanca to other resort towns on the island, such as Peurto del Carmen, provides visitors with the opportunity to experience everything the island has to offer. As it is located in the south of the island, couples who wish to enjoy the maximum sunshine during their holidays to Playa Blanca will be able to do so even during the winter months. The resort town welcomes travelers of all ages seeking a charming sun escape.

A great reason why couples love Playa Blanca is that it is full of fantastic restaurants that serve a wide variety of cuisine, from fresh seafood to authentic Italian and other European dishes, all of which are available here.  All local restaurants cater wonderfully to couples  – often featuring a sea view and a wide choice of food, drink and entertainment. 

The lively Marina Rubicon is also a popular spot with couples – the beautiful waterfront is perfect for an evening stroll and features many shops, restaurants and sports schools selling tickets for various excursions. Marina Rubicon also offers yachting and boating trips – it doesn’t get more romantic than embarking on a couples boating tour of Playa Blanca and its surrounding coastlines.


Playa Blanca and its surrounds are also replete with scenic walking trails – perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. Trails vary in difficulty and length so you are sure to find something to suit every activity level. Popular trails include Montana Roja, (moderate), Paseo Playas Sur Lanzarote (Easy) and, Playa Blanca – Fermes –a more difficult trail extending 17 kilometres. 

For couples who enjoy romantic sunsets, a sunset cruise is the perfect way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery at Playa Blanca while sipping wine. You can choose from a number of boat tours, some of which also include dinner or live music as part of the package. Check here for more information about romantic sunset cruise

In all, sun-bleached island of Lanzarote is one of the most popular vacation destinations for couples, due to its splendid climate, dozens of activities, and golden sandy beaches of Playa Blanca which all combine to make it one of the best in the world.

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