Easy walk  - The Lighthouse Lanzarote Walks 

Walk to the Lighthouse at Faro de Punta Pechiguera on Lanzarote

Walk along the promenade from the Centre of Playa Blanca past the ferry port and on towards Playa Flamingo to the lighthouse at Faro de Punta Pechiguera.

The view over cliffs to the island of Fuerteventura is beautiful from the lighthouse with small fishing boats and sailing boats across the horizon for Lanzarote walks. 

Heading away from here you pass an area with beautiful red brick lava houses called Las Lajas Blancas and on to Playa de Montaña Roja. Although there isn't a beach here, the steps give easy access to the sea and also a hotel bar located right in the promenade. 

Head over the wooden bridge to the stones and Sandy little beach of Playa de Montaña Roja and the Centro Comercial La Mulata, which has a range of bars and restaurants overlooking Fuerteventura. 

Continue to the popular beach resort,  Playa Flamingo and enjoy the view looking back to Montaña Roja.

Passing Hotel Lanzarote Park then continuing past Puerto Chico, you will now be able to see the old harbour of Playa Blanca with the spectacular mountains up to the village of Femés. 

Once you have stopped for a drink or lunch here, when the paseo marítimo reaches the old harbour, cross the road through the car park, passing the little pebbled beach with fishing boats, which will lead you back onto the promenade.

Solid Lanzarote walks 

This is one of the Lanzarote walks that takes about an hour at a steady pace and takes you from Puerto Calero to Playa Quemada, the next village along the coast heading north from Playa Blanca. We recommend either taking a taxi or your rental car over to Quemada where you will find plenty of parking (you can get a taxi back to your car from Puerto Calero, there are lots of taxis there.

Playa Quemada

Playa Quemada is a picturesque seaside village that lies 15 minutes north of Playa Blanca.  It is well worth a visit if only to visit the handful of wonderful waterside restaurants.

Starting from one of the village Lanzarote walks along the coast along the trail, you can safely walk along the coastline and clifftop with the breathtaking views to the wonderful Puerto Calero for a well-earned lunch or dinner.  

If you want to make this a longer trek you can keep going through Puerto Calero right on to Puerto Carmen. It's another 3K which will take about 45 minutes and if you are wanting to take a longer route, continue right along the promenade to Arrecife. This is about another 15km but there are lots of shops, bars and restaurants along the way to refuel. You will be walking behind the main runway of the airport of Arrecife. It’s fantastic when the jets come into land.

And remember,  don’t forget to pack sunscreen and water.

Good hike

Starting at Playa Blanca, this 7km hike takes you to Papagayo beach which is quite famous for Lanzarote walks. The views are fantastic and the reward is just fantastic at the destination. 

Start by heading along the cliff top from Castillo Coloradas, then walk along with Playa del Afe, stick to the coastline from there and you’ll be on the right track. This will take around two hours so don’t forget to pack water and sunscreen.

Once you arrive you can choose one of the restaurants with spectacular views overlooking the horseshoe bay of Playa del Papagayo. This is a perfect time to take a dip as it is a beautiful spot for swimming and relaxing after a good walk.

Hard hike 

Located an hour drive from Playa Blanca, this one of the tougher Lanzarote walks along the cliffs of Famara takes you to the beautiful sandy beach of Bajo el Risco. This is the historical hiking path the ancient islanders of La Graciosa took to go back and forth to Lanzarote for clean water and supplies, serious hikers. This 4 km route descends sharply in a zig-zag down the face of the cliffs.

Playa de Bajo Risco Lanzarote in beautiful colours 4

Playa de Bajo Risco

This is for a hiker with a good fitness level. Don’t forget to come prepared with hiking boots for Lanzarote walks, a snack or packed lunch, plenty of water and a swimsuit to cool off by swimming in the crystal clear waters when you reach the beach. 

It starts with a hike 40 minutes down to the beach, which is the easiest part of the hike but not for the faint-hearted, especially on a windy day, it takes about 50 minutes for an experienced hiker to hike back up at a good pace which is the more challenging part, you'll get your sweat on.

There is plenty of parking available here. The parking and the entry to the hiking path is called “Camino de Los Gracioseros”.

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